SharkNet is not "just another" insect screen created to fight the war of price. Thanks to SharkNet you can say:

- NO to the insect screens with the mesh without any certificates and from dubious origin which cannot be cleaned or worst, that will break after the first use;

- NO to the obligation to have teams of operators involved in the production of insect screens;

- NO to huge warehouse (and full of goods) to manage the products;


Unsatisfactory sales are a visible symptom of a bigger problem more difficult to see (and this is a bad news) but easier to solve (this is good news). By requesting free samples of SharkNet to install in your test laboratory or directly at your house you take the first step towards the solution of the problem that afflicts most of the entrepreneurs. Increase the Sales.

But what can we do , in a market that is changing OBJECTIVELY, to offer an insect-screen who makes the difference and give to my customers the chance to earn as rightly they deserve ?

With the desire to give you the right solution we rolled up our sleeves and we got down to business. I need an insect screen that provides:

• Little stock for my customers. A practical, fast and safe insect screen that does not remain at the company forever collecting dust.

• Installation anywhere. Enough with losing sales because of bulky products that are limited in sizes!

• Official certifications. To reassure end users on the durability of my insect screen to lower distrust

For this we got to work immediately

We bought the best programs to be able to design and develop a product bearing in mind the above difficulties.

We selected and contacted the best Italian and European partners that could give us assistance and materials of the highest quality and performance.

We therefore invested a lot of money experimenting, with some of our long-established customers, ON SITE and to achieve maximum reliability.

We discovered the trick to boost sales for us and for our customers almost without realizing it, thanks to SharkNet that:

1) Can be installed in just 22 mm of space thanks to the patented system and pleated net

2) Works perfectly also in large sizes, unlike other insect screens that are limited in sizes.

3) Reassures your customers thanks to all the guarantees officially issued by National Bodies that protect the consumer.

4) Allows you to have little stock only with kits for insect screens in the sizes that you sell the most.

5) Above all, does not require the purchase of manufacturing equipment but only the tools you already have, in order to make zero investment!!!

See what our customers say - I collected the testimonials in the following pages - here is how they sell so many SharkNet and beat the crisis: So as you have seen from the testimonials, thanks to SharkNet you will increases sales by 47% more compared to all other insect screens that are limited in sizes.

• NO other pleated insect screen has all the quality certifications issued by the Chamber of Commerce that certify greater strength and durability. The Shark Screen is resistant to rain and dust and can be safely exposed outdoors

• NO to price wars: SharkNet is aimed at a selected target such as door and window frame professionals guaranteeing higher earnings than the spring-operated insect screen.

• NO to dangerous products that are also difficult to install. SharkNet recovers up to 5 cm in total, no one guarantees this advantage.

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