Are You Looking For The Recipe To Increase
Your Pleated Insect Screen Sales?

In this video you may find the magic ingredient.

In 2006 my boss Sergio produced a pleated mosquito net now sold worldwide

This outcome indicated that some factors are essential and cannot be neglected nor supplied by merchants of common fabrics.

Pleated nets, organisation and product are key to success.

Do you really want to contact inexperienced general suppliers who can only offer to show you a vast catalogue?

Unlike these fabric merchants we can offer:

  • 5 pleating machines that we can adjust depending on the model of the pleated mosquito net produced by the companies we support
  • An internal laboratory that analyses the polyester fabric (to always comply with the quality guaranteed and certified standards)
  • One type of net only, because polyester is the most resistant material in nature…
If you are a manufacturer of pleated mosquito nets contact me here for free consultation on the type of net and grammage you need. No commitment required!


About Us

If you are reading this page as an entrepreneur and producer of pleated mosquito nets then you are out for a specialized solution partner in polyester pleated network.

You have probably realized it is not advisable to rely on fabric merchants who have lots of different types of material in stock ready to fill your warehouse.

  • Without any experience in the pleated mosquito net market
  • Without any officially authorised certification on the nets they sell
  • Not equipped with pleating machines to know the right shades useful to adjust and improve nets quality
  • Even if they have been working in the fabric sector for over 20 years!


Would you like to know the secrets behind the first and only company specialized in polyester pleated net?


Are you a Pleated Insect Screen Producer?

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for the “secret recipe” to increase your pleated insect screen sales after receiving your free SharkNet Screen Box, you’ll be able to make improvements to your business



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The SharkNet Screen Box


“Biggest pleating machine in Europe!”

Every pleat is geometrically perfect, no matter the high speed.

A pleating machine operator said “At first I thought it was a joke but when I saw the net after the pleating process, I stopped laughing.”
Welcome to the PleatMaster. PleatMaster is the biggest pleating machine in the European market and it just got installed in the SharkNet’s lab. This is the fastest, most precise machine ever built, working on a millimeter accuracy. PleatMaster was made for a specific, well known to market, material which is the polyester. In the years polyester definitely showed us the best result on insect screens, surpassing the polypropylene by far. The first person to use the machine was Leonardo. He has been working with SharkNet for over 10 years now and he knows every single detail about pleating machines and polyester’s pleating process. That’s why when one crane, three forklifts and ten operators put down PleatMaster next to the others machines, he started laughing at the gigantic new purchase. When the moment to try out the PleatMaster arrived, Leonardo was shocked, couldn’t believe how incredibly good the net was pleated.

He was checking all the technical arrangements to make sure PleatMaster was calibrated with our measurements and then he said: “Incredible”. What makes SharkNet, the Italian pleated net, the best net on the worldwide market?

Tomas Lattanzi, manager of the SharkNet project, says that actually there is no trick but simply the patient care for details:

1All the machines, they get turn on in the morning and there is a technician methodically checking the temperatures of the SharkNet system. It is important to have the ideal warmth inside and out the machines otherwise there is a risk of creating a faulty product.

2The net should always be pleated on a constant temperature in order to avoid thermal shocks.

3The polyester used is exclusively treated in Italy with specific techniques. Legend says that the technique is so secret that is kept in a caveau in Switzerland! The polyester, unlike the polypropylene, is strong and customers don’t end up with cuts on the pleats months after the purchase.

4 The net can be pleated at a higher speed thanks to SharkNet’s technicians who invented an unique process that makes the company reliable and quick in terms of deliveries.

5Just like Gucci’s, Ferrari’s technicians, Leonardo, Giovanni, Davide and Roberto are jealously keeping the best tricks to themselves, working hard everyday with love and dedication to improve even more the net.

6Every single pleat is checked by a computer and randomly tested by technicians so that clients always have the best quality product.

7SharkNet comes in two colors, black and grey. SharkNet is the only one to provide an important feature to the insect screen: SharkNet can be higher than 3 meters and still be resistant in this dimensions.


" I’m thrilled to be a part of the Extended family of SharkNet Screen!. "

As an exclusive installer and distributor of your products I’m more than happy to recommend the pleated insect net SharkNet Screen products. I’m excited to confirm that I’m installing this product in Israel for the past 3 years and I keep getting very positive feedback from my customers. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Extended family of SharkNet Screen!

  • Without any experience in the pleated mosquito net market
  • Without any officially authorised certification on the nets they sell
  • Not equipped with pleating machines to know the right shades useful to adjust and improve nets quality
  • Even if they have been working in the fabric sector for over 20 years!

Shlomo Machulsky, CEO Al Profil, Petah, (Israel) -


Why our polyester net is so successful?

Thomas LattanziHello Sharks, I’m Tomas Lattanzi

Tomas Lattanzi

Hello, I am Tomas Lattanzi and have been working in the mosquito nets market for almost 15 years; I have been specialized in experimentation and research of pleated nets for the past 8 years.

I offer support in finding the right net for your pleated mosquito net by increasing the perceived quality of your product with certified fabrics at the laboratories authorised throughout Europe.

My services include offering help in choosing the right weight of pleated net to be used with your mosquito net, considering my experience in this field.

As you can perceive, I am not a vendor, but a skilled technician ready to give you the right advice.

Unlike other merchants of fabric or large distributors of pleated nets, I am the best in polyester pleated network. Our fabric is bought exclusively in Italy, pleated by us in our 5 in-house machines and analysed before dispatch (to see if it meets the quality standards of authorised laboratories)

So far we have collaborated with our pleated network in over 30 countries throughout the world: Germany, Australia, Costa Rica etc in over 4 continents. Over 110 entrepreneurs and producers of pleated mosquito nets have benefited from my support to increase their sales thanks to my higher quality of nets with respect to the other companies. My high quality of nets is certified by authorised laboratories throughout Europe.

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