Shark Experience

Discover The Fastest Way To Double Or Even Triple Your Sales

With A PROVEN SYSTEM And Attracting Leads Who Want To Buy What You’re Selling...Without Ever Making A Single Cold Call Or Cold Prospecting

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What You Will Learn

The Shark Experience is the only annual course on marketing precisely for the pleated insect screen businesses. It is a two days full immersion in the world of strategies that WORK, an interactive way of learning more about the product, increase your earnings and beat the competitors even if they are selling a lower quality insect screen at a lower price, 30% difference at least.

Let’s speak frankly, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur: You know exactly that for increase the sales (and profit) you need to act on two aspects mainly:

1. Have more clients

2. Increase the frequency of purchase of your active customers.

Sounds easy, right?

As you know, it’s not that immediate.

There are more and more businesses from emerging countries that are designing copies of well done products, prioritizing lower prices instead of good quality.

Unfortunately these competitors are risky for us especially when the customers, sometimes, seem to prefer a cheap price instead of a technically better quality original insect screen.

We have been through this already, it’s tough especially when it that there is nothing else you can do to improve your situation.

Read Carefully

If you keep selling SharkNet like you’ve always had, you risk to be cut out the market.

Companies less prestigious than yours, technically and creatively less prepared will take your place in the market. The question is:

Can you afford to lose these all customers and obviously profit?

I don’t think that’s the case and what you want.

I am sure that after so much efforts in the years you only want the best for you company. You deserve to be at the top and that’s why you should rethink of how you sell SharkNet starting from now.

Flyers and brochures are not enough anymore, I’m afraid.

Sending sellers around for 10 hours a day is not enough anymore.

To compete for the price is not enough anymore.

Otherwise you will find yourself being on constant competition with new businesses that have no hesitations in lowering the prices and quality.

In a few words you need strategies that will allow you to: