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Our goal is to offer our customers a Resistant Insect screen and thanks to our Research and Development department we have achieved excellent results on resistance to water, dirt and impacts.

How to demonstrate this resistance?

In 2021 we started a contest among our customers called "Bomber SharkNet" which consists in hitting with a soccer ball the SharkNet Insect screens present in the showrooms or at end customers’ houses, a mesh resistance test without artifices or modifications, we are really happy that we have had this success and that has involved our customers in Italy and in the Rest of the World.
In 2022 the former Italian footballer Bruno Conti, 1982 World Champion with the Italian national team and Italian champion with AS Roma, one of the strongest Italian footballers ever, became our Testimonial.
The wires of the Insect screen SharkNet are also constantly checked and tested to make sure they meet our standards.
The choice of the optimal wire in fact means that the Insect screen is more resistant in opening and closing, to atmospheric agents and impacts.
Therefore in 2021 Marco Marcantoni decided to test its resistance.
We removed the 10 wires that we use for SharkNet Insect screens over 2.70 meters high and we used them to anchor a seat to a self-supporting structure, in this way we reproduced a swing.
Marco, who has an approximate weight of 75 Kg, sat on the swing, and began to swing to test its stability, here is the result:

Opening and closing test

We have installed in the company a "SharkNet test" a motorized structure that simulates the openings and closures of the Insect screen, the test is always LIVE and can be viewed by accessing this page:

Specific tests on our mesh:

On each delivery of the mesh that we have had produced following our recipe, we take a sample of a piece of the net and test it for water resistance, as you can see in this video. The water does not soak the mesh that always remains dry, in fact a series of droplets are created that are not absorbed by the mesh, this is the water resistance of our mesh:

Why is our polyester mesh so durable?

In this video we show you how we set up the mesh and all the quality checks we perform during the production cycle:

Our secret

In this video we show you some of the secrets of our recipe to produce the Shark Screen mesh that we use for our SharkNet Insect screens and that can be purchased from the manufacturers of pleated Insect screens.

Its shape

Another test of impact resistance: after bumping on the SharkNet Insect screen, it returns to its initial shape:

Comparative Resistance, official test

Test carried out by the Giordano Institute, an Accredited Italian Institute: SharkNet against a copy of our product:
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Official Certifications

We have also obtained several certifications from official bodies as you can see in this video:

If you want to get all the certificates in paper format, just request our SharkBox:

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